Windows Server End of Life

The end is near! Like most everything – the end must come at some point, and for Windows Server 2003 it is July 14th, 2015.  This will not be an automatic combustion of the server, what it means is that this will no longer be supported. No more automatic fixes, updates, or technical assistance.  Without this support from Windows, you will not obtain security updates to protect your PC from viruses, spyware, or other ill-intended software seeking to compromise your personal information.

More than 10 million machines are still running this particular Windows Server.  What does this mean for businesses that are going to be stranded and finding themselves in a new compliance firestorm?

Sys-admin Trevor Pott wrote in The Register, “To run a secure IT infrastructure – and increasingly to meet the legal and regulatory requirements of many jurisdictions – you will have to pour resources into monitoring and shielding any servers running Server 2003. You will also have to work on separating the data and applications from the operating system so that you can nuke the server back to “known good” when the system falls to the inevitable.”

Moving your operation system to a more current version is an obvious choice. If you were on the short end of the notice to this end-of-life notification, this may not be in your budget to complete right away.  What you will need to do for the time being is immediately start assessing your security risks.  Is the data that is residing on those servers secured by itself? If not, what can you put into place right away to help keep you secure data until a migration can occur?

Composed Automation is here to help you with any lapse of protection, and with help in finding your next server to replace Windows 2003. Composed Automation is ready to accommodate all budgets and businesses sectors. Let us access your exposure and provide solutions and ongoing services to help you meet this important issue. Although the end is near for Windows Server 2003, Composed Automation can be your new beginning.  Schedule your consultation today!


Adam Mohr
Adam Mohr
President + CEOComposed Automation
Adam is originally from Pittsburgh, PA, and In 2009, he moved to Alaska in the pursuit of finding better opportunity. In 2013, Adam decided to strike out on his own and started Composed Automation, putting his years of experience to work for the Anchorage community.